What You Should Know About Concrete and Concrete Installation

Concrete is a good material to choose for driveways, walkways, front entrances and backyard patios in the GTA. Contrary to what some homeowners may think, concrete is a durable and low-maintenance option that works great even in colder climates like Ontario, provided the concrete contractor follows proper steps and practices during its installation. Here are the five main things that … Read More

How Much Do Concrete Driveways Cost in Ontario

Concrete driveways are durable, stable and low maintenance. Once paved, it can last for over 20 years with an added advantage that weeds will not grow on the paved area. Concrete is considered less expensive than interlocking stone. The price of the concrete landscaping project is calculated based on a few factors. Since concrete is priced by square footage, the … Read More

Step by Step Illustration of Concrete Installation in Milton, Ontario

The photographs below are visual explanations of concrete installation of a driveway, side walkway and backyard patio for a customer in Milton, Ontario. Each step is performed by a crew who specializes in different steps of the construction. Looking to install a new driveway, front entrance, patio or walkway? Find out average price of concrete installation in Ontario and the … Read More

Making Your Landscape Stand-Out with Coloured Concrete

Concrete in its purist form is the grayish tone that you find on every side walk. Unless that is the color you are fond of, there is an extensive palette to choose from. Have your landscape harmonize with the surroundings and choose an earth-tone shade or make it stand out by choosing vibrant colors. Whatever you choose, coloured concrete makes … Read More

5 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Concrete Driveways and Patios


Homeowners who have invested in a concrete driveway, patio, walkway are looking to increase the value of their home while reducing the costs of maintenance. While concrete is considered to be more affordable than other landscaping materials, it is also a near zero maintenance product which is a main consideration when getting concrete work done. Maintaining concrete can extend the … Read More

How to Properly Install Concrete Driveways and Walkways


At Markstone Landscaping, we are going to show you how installing concrete driveway, patio or walkway is essentially the same process.  By helping you understand the process and become better informed (e.g. transparency), you can be more comfortable in hiring us or referring us to your friends and family. The process in pouring concrete for a driveway is the same … Read More

Concrete Industry Associations and Organizations


We believe that an informed customer is a better customer. We’ve compiled a small curated list of technical concrete resources that include organizations and links that help in ensuring standards and safety across the industry. As a contractor specializing in concrete, rest assure we keep ourselves up-to-date and follow all safety standards and building codes established. We also answered the top … Read More

What is Concrete Landscaping


As a Mississauga concrete contractor, one of our duties is to educate our clients so that they understand the process that we take to completing a concrete project. Why do we do this? It is so that you can understand exactly what it is that we do and take comfort that the project will be done right. To kick off … Read More