Landscaping – It’s a Necessity

Landscaping (no matter where you live and where we serve – Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton) is an important for a number of reasons that include:

  1. Bringing vigor and energy to the space
  2. Increasing value to your home
  3. Less yard work

For some people, curb appeal landscaping is a good way to help get your home sold at a higher value.  Consider this, landscaping is like putting clothes on your body. You need to dress for the part. If you were going to a formal event, you wouldn’t put on your gym clothes. If you did, people would take one look at you and make negative judgments and you didn’t even get a chance to talk about what you are really like.

If the home is sitting on a property that property doesn’t look perfect, you’re going to lose a lot of sales opportunities. More often than not, people will drive by a property before actually making an appointment to check out the inside. They want to get a feel for or imagine what the house looks like. If the landscaping turns them off, they’ll never make the initial call. Unless they are fixer uppers, nobody wants re-do the landscaping themselves. Don’t make them imagine what it would be like; clean it up for them.

For others, they want to enjoy the space that they are living. Now that stay-cations are certainly becoming more popular form of “time-off”, having a good landscape yard is important. Good landscaping design is important whether you want to do this for your backyard or your front yard landscaping or pool.

Planning is critical because it helps you do two things:

  1. Know what you want – saves time and money
  2. Communicate clearly to your suppliers and designer

If you’ve taken the time to sketch out (doesn’t have to be perfect) what you want, your vision of what your backyard or front yard will start to take shape and what you end up with is something that you really want as opposed to living with something you just don’t like.

A sketch also gives you the opportunity to communicate clearly to your designer/supplier. They can help you figure out your material costs and possibly provide invaluable advice on how to improve your plan on aesthetics or costs or durability or even all three.

Lastly, many people get landscaping done because they want something that is near maintenance free (nothing is 100% maintenance free) because of their lifestyle or don’t necessarily have time and effort or both. It important to note that a little upkeep is always required (e.g. similar to changing the filter in your furnace every few months).

If this is the case, using interlocking pavers and/or concrete strategically in your front yard or backyard can help you minimize the amount landscaping work that is required on an ongoing basis while still maintaining the curb appeal of your home.

Remember, when you are thinking about landscaping, do not be afraid to experiment with new ideas and have fun creating your own design. Your ideas are endless when it comes to landscaping. After you have an idea for a design for what you would like in your yard, reach out to us below to help you out finalize your plans.

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