Choosing the Concrete Finish for your Driveway, Walkway and Backyard Patio

Are you considering concrete for your driveway, walkway or backyard patio? If you think concrete is boring, you may want to think again. There are many different types of concrete finishes to choose from, and you have the option of adding colour, borders and cut lines to give it a unique look and feel. Below, we’ve outlined four of the most popular types of concrete finish.

Four Types of Concrete Finish

Brushed Concrete
Brushed Concrete is a simple yet effective way to add some texture to the concrete and is the base level concrete finish offered at Markstone Landscaping. When the concrete is freshly poured, while the surface is still wet, a broom is used to brushed across the surface to create a brushed concrete texture. Brushed concrete may be sealed with a penetrating sealer by request

Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of concrete finish where the top layer is removed to expose the added aggregates. Pea gravel is added into the concrete mixture. After the concrete is poured, a chemical is applied to the surface to prevent the top-most layer from curing. The next day, this top layer is washed off to expose the pea gravel texture. Exposed concrete is finished with a high gloss sealer

Stamped Concrete
A stamped concrete finish is created by impressing textured forms onto the surface of the concrete before it has set. This texture may be enhanced with the application of colour to create contrast. Stamped concrete is finished with a high gloss, slip-resistant sealer

Modern (or Limestone-Finished) Concrete
Modern concrete is a smooth, matte finish concrete which resembles limestone. Once the concrete is poured and set, the surface is hand-polished and sandblasted. It is then finished with a penetrating sealer to provide a protective matte finish.

Options for your Concrete Project

Concrete Colours

Most concrete projects use the natural colour of concrete.  However, if you’d like to add colour to your concrete landscape, you can choose from our integral colour or colour hardener colour palettes.

Colour Hardener is a coloured powder used to colour the surface of your concrete after it has been poured, while Integral Colour is a coloured powder that is mixed into the concrete while its still in the concrete truck. With Integral Colour, your concrete will be coloured all the way through as opposed to a layer of colour on the surface when using the Colour Hardener option.

Concrete Borders and Cuts

Add a finishing touch to your concrete project by adding a border and/or cuts.

Concrete borders can be a trowel or stamped borders.  A trowel finish border is a smooth border created with a trowel, while a stamped border is created by impressing a texture into the border and finishing it with a colour hardener.

Concrete cuts are more than just a decorative way to finish your project – they serve to ensure that your concrete does not crack in unsightly places. You have the option of choosing square, diamond or custom cuts.

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The average price of concrete projects will vary depending on the concrete finish you choose along with other factors. Contact us to learn more about the various concrete options, or to request a no-obligation quote for your driveway, front entrance and backyard.

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