Modern Concrete: The Perfect Limestone-Finish Alternative for a More Modern Curb Appeal

Looking to upgrade your driveway, front entrances, walkway, and back patio? Choosing the right material and finish is crucial. With a variety of options available, including interlocking stone and different types of concrete finishes, limestone finished concrete is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners in Ontario who want a modern curb appeal for their homes. What is Modern Concrete or Limestone-Finished ... Read More

Best Places to Use Interlocking Stone Around Your Home

Landscaping projects have been known to increase the property values of houses in the Greater Toronto Area. These projects can include planting of trees, gardening, adding a deck, and addition of structures that improves the curb appeal of GTA homes. And when compared to gardening, one Toronto landscape designer has also mentioned that when it comes to landscaping, "curb appeal ... Read More

Landscaping — Why It’s Important for Your Home

Landscaping (no matter where you live and where we serve – Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton) is important for a number of reasons that include: Bringing vigor and energy to the space Increasing value to your home Less yard work Landscaping Improves Curb Appeal For some people, curb appeal landscaping is a good way to help get your home sold ... Read More

Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Interlocking Pool Deck

A behind-the-scenes look at a backyard landscaping project in Mississauga Recently we had the opportunity to work on overhauling a backyard in Mississauga which included an existing in ground pool. This undertaking, from start to finish, took 3 weeks to complete. The goal is to transform the original backyard and pool deck into a relaxing oasis where friends and family ... Read More

Simple Steps to Filling in an Existing Pool

There are many reasons why people want to fill in their existing pool. It may be because it is no longer utilized, high maintenance cost to up keep, becoming dangerous with new additions to the family or simply just a change in scenery. No matter what your reason is, the important thing is to find a reputable company to get ... Read More