Updating Your Front Entrance to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term used to describe a home's visual attractiveness as seen from the street. It's what gives people their first impression of your home before they step inside. It's also a term often used in real estate – great curb appeal can be a significant asset. Your front exterior sets the tone for your entire home. Outdoor ... Read More

Grass Free Alternatives For Front & Back Yards

When it comes to the front lawn, there are various school of thoughts.  From the traditional thinking of full on grass to a completely grass-free lawn (and everything in between), front & back yard landscaping, in recent years, have seen many creative and unique designs. Lawns Without Grass Advantages To be a proud owner of a lushes green, weed & ... Read More

Interlocking Design Ideas For Your Front Entrance and Walkways

The front entrance & walkway is an important part of your home. It is the first point of contact your friends & family will have and also gives the first impression to passerby’s. Therefore, many homeowners enhance the landscaping to these areas to add curb appeal and also to provide an inviting welcome to guests. When remodeling the front entrance landscape, ... Read More