What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete for your Backyard, Driveway, Walkway and Front Entrances

Looking for a new and unique way to finish your concrete? As outlined in our previous article, there are many different types of concrete finishes to choose from, including brushed concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped concrete and limestone-finished concrete. In this article, we will go into more detail about a popular concrete finish that combines the stylish aesthetic preferences of interlocking stones and the versatility of concrete.

What is Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete finish is a type of concrete finish that is created by impressing textured forms onto the surface of the concrete before it has set. There are many patterns available, with the most popular being the texture that creates the look of natural stone.  You can also enhance this texture with the application of colour to match the type of stone you like or create contrast.  Stamped concrete can also be used throughout the surface of the concrete project or as decorative borders.

Stamped concrete is finished with a high gloss, slip-resistant sealer to ensure easy maintenance.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is the perfect way to add some extra flair to your driveway, front entrance, back patio, or pool deck. You can choose from a variety of textures and colours to create a look that’s perfect for your home. Plus, you get all the benefits of concrete as stamped concrete is incredibly durable and will last for years with minimal maintenance (when properly sealed).

How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost

Installing stamped concrete is typically more than the cost of installing regular concrete, and ranges from $20-$22 per square foot. Different factors such as the size and shape of the outdoor space and where the stamped concrete is applied will impact the price of your stamped concrete project. To get a more detailed quote, contact a reputable concrete contractor with experience in installing stamped concrete.

Where Can Stamped Concrete Be Used

Like any other concrete landscaping project, stamped concrete can be installed anywhere around your home. With its durability, high gloss finish and slip-resistant surface, this textured concrete can be installed in backyard patios, walkways, front entrances and even driveways!

Contact Markstone Landscaping for Stamped Concrete Landscaping Around Your Home

With its versatility, stamped concrete is perfect for any outdoor space. It greatly enhances your home’s curb appeal that gives your outdoor space a unique high-end look.  Markstone Landscaping has been installed stamped concrete projects in the Greater Toronto Area for over ten years.  Contact us today to get started on your stamped concrete project!