What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

When deciding on the look of your landscape, there are many good options to use for your backyard patio, pool deck, walkways, driveway and front entrance.  In addition to interlocking pavers and the plain poured concrete, another good alternative for homeowners is Exposed Aggregate Concrete, an option that adds texture, color and style to the overall look.

What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of concrete where the top layer is removed to expose the added aggregates. As we have outlined in a previous article, concrete is made up of four key components: cement, water, fine aggregate (i.e. sand) and course aggregate (which can be rock or gravel). The installation of concrete requires pouring this mixture into the carefully prepared space and letting it settle and dry. With regular concrete installations, once the mixture is settled into place within the forms, the process to begin finishing the concrete starts, and it includes compacting the surface and smoothing out any depressions or high areas to create a smooth surface.

However, with exposed aggregate concrete, once the mixture is settled into place within the forms, the topcoat is removed to expose the aggregates that were added when creating the concrete. This technique creates a unique look which has become a popular choice for homeowners – and just like regular concrete, exposed aggregate concrete can be installed anywhere around your home. The concrete can be left in its natural state or highly polished to give a shiny, finished look. In general, anywhere regular concrete can be installed, exposed aggregate concrete can also be used.

How Much Does Exposed Aggregate Concrete Cost

As with concrete, exposed aggregate concrete is considered less expensive than interlocking stone. Installing exposed aggregate concrete is typically $2 per square feet more than the cost of installing regular concrete. To get a more detailed quote for installing exposed aggregate concrete, speak to a reputable landscape company like Markstone Lansdcaping who has experience with creating different exposed aggregate concrete landscaping designs.

Why Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete Over Regular Concrete

Homeowners prefer exposed aggregate concrete primarily for aesthetic reasons. While regular concrete is plain and is what typical sidewalk uses, exposed aggregate concrete comes with color and texture from the aggregate. The finished product provides a unique, modern look but still offer the same characteristics and benefits of regular concrete. In addition, the property value will likely increase with the installation of exposed aggregate concrete for its curb appeal.

Why Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete Over Interlocking Stones

Interlocking stones are aesthetically pleasing with infinite design options. However, it also requires regular maintenance to ensure the landscape is still turning heads for the right reasons. A driveway or patio filled with weeds between pavers or sunken interlocking stones will not be too sightly for passersby. With exposed aggregate concrete, you still get the unique design options complete with color and texture but also the low maintenance characteristics of concrete. Exposed aggregate concrete landscapes will not accumulate weed nor have colors chipping away and does not require sealing.

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