Modern Concrete: The Perfect Limestone-Finish Alternative for a More Modern Curb Appeal

Looking to upgrade your driveway, front entrances, walkway, and back patio? Choosing the right material and finish is crucial. With a variety of options available, including interlocking stone and different types of concrete finishes, limestone finished concrete is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners in Ontario who want a modern curb appeal for their homes. What is Modern Concrete or Limestone-Finished ... Read More

Brushed Concrete for Your Driveway, Walkway, and Backyard Patio

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and durability of outdoor spaces like driveways, walkways and back patios, choosing the right material is crucial.  While there are many material options to choose from, including interlocking stone and concrete, one of the most popular options is Brushed Concrete. In this article, we will explore what brushed concrete is, its advantages, ... Read More

Landscaping the Whole House with Both Interlocking Pavers and Exposed Aggregate Concrete

We field many questions from homeowners in terms of which material to choose for their driveway, walkway, front entrance and backyard patio, whether interlock or concrete. As covered in this article, both have their benefits. That said, there is no reason why homeowners can’t use both interlocking and concrete materials around their property. You can take advantage of the benefits … Read More

Ensuring the Longevity of your Interlocking Driveway and Patio: Choosing the Right Sand During Installation

In our previous articles, we have mentioned that one of the primary benefits of using interlocking pavers on your driveway and backyard patio is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance over time, other than the occasional power wash and refilling of polymeric sand. This is predicated on the fact that the interlocking pavers were properly and professionally installed from ... Read More

Best Places to Use Exposed Aggregate Concrete Around Your Home

Best Places to Use Exposed Aggregate Concrete Around Your Home In recent years, exposed aggregate concrete has become a popular choice for use on driveway, patio, pool decks and front entrances. With its combination of various aggregates exposed, it breathes new life into the standard gray tone in traditional concrete landscapes. Possessing the same durability as plain concrete, exposed aggregate ... Read More

How We Install Concrete Backyard Patios – A Visual Illustration

One of our landscaping customers in Mississauga was tired of mowing their lawn and decided to replace their grass backyard with a modern concrete patio. The photographs below outlines our process for installation of a concrete backyard patio using specialized landscaping crew (which includes the excavation crew, framing crew, cement pouring crew and cleanup crew) to ensure our services are ... Read More

Best Places to Use Interlocking Stone Around Your Home

Landscaping projects have been known to increase the property values of houses in the Greater Toronto Area. These projects can include planting of trees, gardening, adding a deck, and addition of structures that improves the curb appeal of GTA homes. And when compared to gardening, one Toronto landscape designer has also mentioned that when it comes to landscaping, "curb appeal ... Read More

Interlocking Design Ideas For Your Front Entrance and Walkways

The front entrance & walkway is an important part of your home. It is the first point of contact your friends & family will have and also gives the first impression to passerby’s. Therefore, many homeowners enhance the landscaping to these areas to add curb appeal and also to provide an inviting welcome to guests. When remodeling the front entrance landscape, ... Read More

Pros and Cons of Interlock Paver Driveways and Walkways

The numerous benefits of using interlock pavers for driveways and walkways for both commercial and residential properties is the main reason for its popularity. Even though pavers cost slightly more than concrete or asphalt to install, home owners reap the benefits of its durability, curb appeal and much more that this material offers, thus saving money in the long run. … Read More

Step by Step Illustration of Concrete Installation in Milton, Ontario

The photographs below are visual explanations of concrete installation of a driveway, side walkway and backyard patio for a customer in Milton, Ontario. Each step is performed by a crew who specializes in different steps of the construction. Looking to install a new driveway, front entrance, patio or walkway? Find out average price of concrete installation in Ontario and the … Read More