Landscaping the Whole House with Both Interlocking Pavers and Exposed Aggregate Concrete

We field many questions from homeowners in terms of which material to choose for their driveway, walkway, front entrance and backyard patio, whether interlock or concrete. As covered in this article, both have their benefits. That said, there is no reason why homeowners can’t use both interlocking and concrete materials around their property. You can take advantage of the benefits that each material has to offer to get the best aesthetics at a budget that meets your requirements while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

In this article, we’re highlighting one project we’ve done in Mississauga where we used various different materials for landscaping their driveway, front entrance, sidewalk, backyard and pool deck.

Combining Interlocking and Concrete Around your Property

On this property, our client wanted the durability of concrete without compromising on aesthetics. With this in mind, we combined interlocking stone around the pool area which modernizes the backyard area while using exposed aggregate concrete for the driveway and sidepath to ensure the overall landscaping project stays within the budget. In addition, we added some accents in places where possible, such as the jet black front entrance and stamped concrete borders to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Driveway with Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is great for the driveway as it provides a certain colour and texture that gives it that unique, modern look over regular concrete. In additional, all decorative concrete done by Markstone Landscaping includes high gloss sealing that always protects concrete from any oil or rust stains. For this driveway, we used exposed aggregate concrete with stamped concrete borders to give it a nice accent with the look of natural store.

Front Entrance with Interlocking Steps

To provide some contrast that also complements the exposed aggregate concrete, we used jet black pavers for the front entrance in a wet lay application, and set in concrete with mortared joints.

Walkway with Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate sidepath is a great and economical way to clean up the side of the house.

Backyard Patio and Pool Deck

The backyard area is the main focus of this landscaping, so we set out to provide a modern and tranquil space for our clients to spend time in.

This project also included a vinyl swimming pool installation by our sister company, Mayascapes Pools, and we combined large interlocking slabs around the pool deck with the jet black pavers for the patio area for a more modern look.

For the pool deck, we used large interlocking stone slab. These stones were very nice to work with, and on this particular project, we had to use our suction cup attachments to ensure these big slabs were laid flush together.

To tie in the backyard area with the front entrance, we again used jet black natural stone for the patio as well as for the steps going into the walkout basement.

Contact us for your customized landscaping estimate for your property

Markstone Landscaping has worked with many properties in the Peel Region to provide a space that our clients can enjoy while also increasing the value of their home. We are both concrete and interlocking contractors, and we use the best material for the space that meets your design wishes while staying within your budget requirements. If you would like to get ideas on how we can help add vigor to your space while improving the overall curb appeal of your property, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to provide a free estimate.

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