Interlocking Stone and Concrete
Backyard Patios

Markstone Landscaping has been transforming backyard patios for residents in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Burlington in the following materials:

Both concrete and interlocking stone offer an array of options when designing your backyard getaway. Your patio surface should be solid, durable and visually appealing.

Interlocking Backyard Patios

Patio pavers are available in numerous colours, textures, patterns and designs. You can choose from bold, modern designs or subtle, earthy designs that flow into your backyard’s natural features.  The type of stone you choose will affect the overall price of installing an interlock backyard.

Interlocking stone is a great way to add colour and enhance existing natural elements, offering various options in terms of patterns and customization. For some inspiration on designing your interlock patio that best suits your backyard, check out our article on “Choosing the Right Design for Interlock Patios”.

Photos of Interlocking Backyard Patios around Mississauga & Milton

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Concrete Backyard Patios

Poured concrete is becoming more popular with homeowners because of its durability and flexibility when it comes to design.

Concrete comes in a variety of finishes and colours to suit your needs and stress lines can be cut in a pattern to complement your vision. You can also choose exposed aggregate concrete to give your backyard patio a unique modern look.

We’ll work with you during the consultation process to determine the cost of the concrete project and what kind of finish your backyard patio needs to suit your style and budget. No matter your vision, we’ll help you achieve it.

Photos of Concrete Backyard Patios around Mississauga & Milton

See more of our backyard patio work.

Looking for more ideas and information for your backyard patio? Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. If you are thinking of adding an inground pool to your backyard, visit our sister company, Mayascapes Pools. Their specialized team of swimming pool builders, combined with Markstone Landscaping’s crew can turn your backyard dream into a reality.

Markstone Landscaping has been providing expert concrete and interlock landscaping services to residents of Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville and Burlington since 2007. Read testimonials from satisfied customers here.


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Customer Testimonial:

Our backyard patio has been completely revamped thanks to Markstone Landscaping. We have hosted numerous parties with plenty of room to sit and dine (and even dance)! The crew were very quick and efficient in pouring concrete and finishing it to my specific requests. I was very impressed with the kind of job they did cleaning up after the work was complete which gave me virtually nothing to do but set up my patio furniture. Thank you very much!

-Michelle Braun, Mississauga