Modern Concrete: The Perfect Limestone-Finish Alternative for a More Modern Curb Appeal

Looking to upgrade your driveway, front entrances, walkway, and back patio? Choosing the right material and finish is crucial. With a variety of options available, including interlocking stone and different types of concrete finishes, limestone finished concrete is rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners in Ontario who want a modern curb appeal for their homes.

What is Modern Concrete or Limestone-Finished Concrete

Limestone-finished concrete, also referred to as Modern Concrete, is a specialized type of concrete finish designed to replicate the timeless beauty of natural limestone. Limestone is a smooth natural stone used in many homes for a nicer finish.   However, natural limestone is very expensive and hard to maintain due to its porous nature.  By mimicking the texture and look of natural limestone, Modern Concrete combines the durability and affordability of concrete with the classic elegance of limestone, offering homeowners the best of both worlds.

How Is the Limestone-Finished Concrete Look Achieved

To mimic the texture of natural limestone, after the concrete is poured on the outdoor surface, the concrete is hand polished and then let dry for 28 days to reach a strength of 32MPa (megapascal) concrete.  Once the concrete reaches its prime strength, it undergoes a sandblasting process to create a smooth, slip-resistant finish, reminiscent of natural limestone. And to top it off, we apply a waterproofing membrane called Hydrostop, transforming it into a maintenance-free and stain-resistant concrete solution.

Best Places to Use the Modern Concrete

Limestone-Finished Concrete Finish is a relatively new type of concrete finish used in driveways, walkways, backyard patios and pool deck to give the home a modern look.  There are great for flat and wide spaces and are often used alongside artificial turf.

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If you are looking for a stunning natural looking limestone texture for your driveway or backyard patio and interested in the beauty and functionaly of Modern Concrete, contact us and we would be happy to provide a quote.