Step by Step Illustration of Concrete Installation in Milton, Ontario

The photographs below are visual explanations of concrete installation of a driveway, side walkway and backyard patio for a customer in Milton, Ontario. Each step is performed by a crew who specializes in different steps of the construction.

Step One

Specialized excavation crew removed the existing driveway, side and backyard walkways and cleared the area of any objects that may interfere with the pouring of the concrete.

Wooden perimeter constructed for drivewayExisting driveway removed

Step Two

Compacted gravel was laid to act as the sub-base which the concrete will rest on.

Wooden perimeter constructed for backyard walkwayCompacted gravel laid around backyard area

Step Three

Wooden perimeter was constructed around the pouring area.

Wooden perimeter for backywardWooden perimeter constructed around the backyard

Step Four

Concrete was mixed on-site and poured.

Drying of concrete – backyard walkwayDrying of concrete – backyard walkway

Step Five

Stress lines were cut to help control the cracking of the concrete which will be caused by the drastic temperature changes.

New concrete backyard walkwayNew concrete backyard walkway with stress lines

Step Six

New installation of driveway, side pathway and backyard walkway completed.

Completed installation of new Boulder colour concrete drivewayCompleted installation of new Boulder colour concrete driveway

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