The Making of a Concrete Backyard Patio

At Markstone Landscaping, we try our best to provide as much knowledge to our customers as possible so they can make informed decisions. As such, we have created a time-lapse video of the making of a concrete backyard patio in Brampton.

In this video, our crew poured concrete over rebar. An 8-inch border along with broom finish was applied for esthetic reasons, making the look softer, which is ideal for residential properties.

With poured concrete, speed is the key as it dries really quickly. Notice the fast pace our crew members are working. Once the concrete is poured in, crew members rake it while another crew puts the finishing touch. It is important to have crew members dedicated to a specific task, one after the other to ensure the concrete does not settle.

Concrete is often the more popular choice amongst our clients for landscaping. This can be credited to the durability, versatility and affordability of concrete. Learn more on how much concrete cost and how it is priced here.

If you have any questions regarding concrete landscaping, reach out to us. We specialize in concrete and most likely have the answer to your inquiry.

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