Grass Free Alternatives For Front & Back Yards

When it comes to the front lawn, there are various school of thoughts.  From the traditional thinking of full on grass to a completely grass-free lawn (and everything in between), front & back yard landscaping, in recent years, have seen many creative and unique designs.

Lawns Without Grass Advantages

To be a proud owner of a lushes green, weed & insect free lawn comes with sacrificed time and money.  As our lives become busier with day to day chores and obligations, you quite often find yourself trying to make time to mow the overgrown lawn, water the grass and run to the nearest nursery to purchase weed & insect control solutions.  Maintaining a lawn seems easy, but to have a lawn that adds to the curb appeal? Not so much. A dry, brown and weed infested lawn is certainly not what one would want to be greeted with.

Grass free alternatives have recently become a popular choice for many homeowners. By replacing the high maintenance grass with low maintenance perennials or shrubs combined with strategically placed concrete or interlock, front & back yards can be unique, enjoyable and trouble-free.

In addition to being hassle free (no more lawn mowing), yards with no grass also helps conserve water and reduce chemical use found in pesticides for weed and insect control.

Grass-Free Alternatives

There are many options to be had when designing a yard without grass.  Homeowners who don’t like the barren look of just concrete or interlock can interlace the space with flower beds, shrubs or other evergreen plants.  Some may opt to incorporate a cozy sitting area for people watching in the front yard or trade in the back yard turf for a private retreat complete with water falls & fire pits. If having grass as part of your back lawn is important but not the maintenance, then artificial turf may be your solution.  It looks and feels like grass without the upkeep required. Bear in mind installing artificial turf in the front yard may have some limitations. Before installing, make sure you check the bylaws to ensure it is within city limits.

Gallery of Lawns Without Grass
Transformation Photos: From Grass to Grass-Free Front Yard & Side Walkway

Before: Removal of Existing Front Lawn

After: Installation of Concrete Front Yard

Before: Removal of Grass from Side Walkway

After: Hassle Free Concrete Side Walkway

If you are tired of sweating behind your lawn mower or want to conserve water, give Markstone Landscaping a call.  Our professional landscapers can help you transform your time consuming lawn into a welcoming & hassle free space.   Contact us for a free quote and let us show you what we can do with your yard.