How Long Does Interlock Pavers Last?

How Long Does Interlock Pavers Last?

When considering a material to be used for your landscaping, interlock pavers are second to none. They are extremely durable, provides limitless design options and easy to maintain. Most importantly, when installed properly, interlock pavers can last upwards of 40+ years. This is due in part by the durable and weather resistant materials that are used in making these pavers.

How to Prolong Interlock Pavers Longevity

Regular Maintenance

Each individual paver’s lifespan can outlast 4 decades of wear and tear, however, when interlocked together as part of a landscape, simple yearly spring maintenance is recommended. If an interlock project is maintained regularly, it will last minimum 7 years with very limited issues.  You may notice it starts to require more extensive maintenance towards the 10 year mark such as edge stones (borders) shifting or certain areas having sunk in or heaved in comparison to other areas.  It is quite easy to fix these issues and does not require you to purchase new pavers.  The old pavers in the problematic areas need to be lifted out and cleaned, gravel needs to be added or graded and the pavers can be reinstalled.  Once this is done (properly) you should gain another 7 to 10 years of problem free pavement.

Selecting suitable pavers for your application

Choosing the correct product for your hardscape is also key to ensuring your pavers will last for its full duration.  Typically pavers will vary in durability based on their thickness.  60mm to 80mm pavers are the standard for residential use.  The thicker the product typically the more durable it is.  We usually recommend using 80mm pavers on parking areas as they do offer a more durable solution.  Anything less than 60mm cannot be used on parking areas as the products will shift and have a tendency to crack under the weight of a vehicle.

If you have questions on interlocking pavers or would like to have professional landscapers help you repair and upkeep your interlock pavers, give us a call.  We have been servicing residents in and around Mississauga for over 10 years and provide pick up/re-lay and wash/seal interlocking services.

With regular maintenance and timely repairs, your interlock pavers will keep looking its best for decades to come.